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Proudly serving clients for nearly 15 years

Since 2006, Jonathan Johnson has been helping families, executives and businesses understand and plan their financial futures. Growing up within a finance-focused family, Jonathan became passionate about understanding financial opportunities at an early age. His priority is educating his clients on financial decisions and maintaining a plan that fits their needs.

At Johnson Financial Strategies, we understand that every client is unique. We help you easily understand your financials and meet goals that are important to your family or organization. We take pride in using cutting-edge technology that provides instant access to track your financials while also measuring your long-term goals.

Our mission is to not just give you a plan, but help you maintain and carry out that plan. We understand that, over time, your lifestyle and financial goals change – and we are here to help you adjust and grow with those changes.


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Jonathan Johnson, LUTCF, CFP®

Owner & Founder

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Nicole Dodson

Licensed Service Assistant

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Our Alliances

Working together for you

Effective financial planning can sometimes require a team of experts working together to serve your best interests. In such situations, we are the quarterback who makes sure everyone is working together to achieve the best possible results. If you have existing team members you trust, such as your CPA or attorney, we are happy to work with them, and we can also bring in our subject-matter experts as needed. Some of our strategic alliances are detailed below.





Eagle Strategies LLC

Through Eagle Strategies, Jonathan Johnson provides fee-based financial planning, investment advisory services and access to investment management programs. Eagle Strategies LLC is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an “Investment Adviser” and is an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of New York Life Insurance Company. Click here to learn more.

New York Life

Jonathan Johnson and his fellow financial professionals are proud to be affiliated with New York Life Insurance Company. New York Life and its wholly owned subsidiaries provide life insurance, fixed annuities, and long-term care insurance. A mutual insurance company, New York Life is one of the largest mutual life insurance companies in the United States, and holds the highest financial strength ratings currently awarded to any U.S. life insurer from all four of the major credit rating agencies: A.M. Best (A++), Fitch (AAA), Moody's Investor Service (Aaa), and Standard & Poor's (AA+). (Source: Third-Party Ratings Reports as of 9/30/21.)


Our Process

Your Financial Planning Guide

  • Step 2Analyze
  • Step 3Develop
  • Step 4Coordinate
  • Step 5Implement
  • Step 6Monitor
  • Step 1Review

Here at Johnson Financial Strategies, we’re here to help guide you through the often overwhelming process of creating a financial plan. Click on any step to learn more.

Step 1: Review

Step 1: Review

Every family's financial situation is unique. That's why it's so important to find out as much as we can about you and your financial goals. The more we know about you, the more precise recommendations we can make and the more we can help you. As a result, we may take some time to discuss your hopes, dreams, and objectives, and the things that really matter to you. This is the basis for the first meeting with anyone we sit down with.

Step 2: Analyze

Step 2: Analyze

As needed, we will work with you to identify and prioritize your objectives, and then help establish benchmark goals. This is important because we live in a world of unlimited choices. People often fail to achieve objectives because they try to accomplish too much at once, or they don't attach specific deadlines to their goals. By breaking down your goals to specific objectives, you can look at available resources and decide which goals are realistic, and which should be adjusted and scaled down.

Step 1: ReviewStep 3: Develop

Step 3: Develop

Based on our conversation and analysis, we can recommend the steps that it will take to help you achieve your financial goals.

Step 2: AnalyzeStep 4: Coordinate

Step 4: Coordinate

We regularly coordinate insurance and financial activities for clients with the other members of their team of financial, tax, and legal advisors. We can do the same for you.

Step 3: DevelopStep 5: Implement

Step 5: Implement

We'll implement your strategy, and work closely with you and your other third party professionals to ensure its success. We'll monitor progress and provide ongoing service as your needs and situation change over time.

Step 4: CoordinateStep 6: Monitor

Step 6: Monitor

This is not a one-shot deal. Strategies need to be adjusted periodically as your life and the economy changes. We will work with you over the years to help keep your strategy on track with your changing needs.

Step 5: ImplementStep 1: Review

Jonathan Johnson, LUTCF, CFP®

Owner & Founder

Jonathan is the Owner and Founder of Johnson Financial Strategies LLC. Jonathan Johnson entered the financial services industry in 2006. As a young executive with a growing family, Jonathan easily relates to successful professionals also focused on balancing their family and career goals while accumulating wealth. Jonathan is uniquely positioned to help young families plan for their family’s future and their financial futures – early in their wealth accumulation journey.

Education and Designations

Personal Life

Fun Facts

Bachelors Degree - Jonathan graduated with a BBA in Finance from the University of Texas at Tyler.

LUTCF Designation - Jonathan earned the LUTCF designation in 2008. This is a professional designation that marks an agent’s long-term commitment to professionalism on behalf of clients, establishes the agent’s competence and business experience, marks a commitment to the American College’s and NAIFA’s Code of Ethics and fosters additional professional development. A Fellow has successfully completed five courses of the curriculum, in addition to an Ethics Course and must be a member in good standing of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA).

Jonathan resides in Bullard with his two boys, Christopher and Daniel, and his daughter Meagan. Jonathan is an active member in his church where he serves as the Sound and Video Director & Website Administrator. With a passion for endurance sports and an active member in the East Texas Tri-athletes club, Jonathan can often be spotted cycling or running in the community.

Jonathan is a pilot and generally flies for business and personal adventures, about 100 hours per year. He has completed several Ironman races and has a huge passion for endurance sports such as swimming, cycling, and running. Interestingly, he solves a Rubix cube before every seminar he gives because it helps to get him in the right mindset. He also loves music, so he sings in a quartet at church and actually went to college on a music scholarship for trombone.

Collage of Johnathan and his family

Nicole Dodson

Licensed Service Assistant

Nicole is very detail oriented, and enjoys problem solving, customer service, and office administration. Her passion for customer service and personal drive to obtain excellence motivate her to keep learning new skills and find better ways to accomplish goals.

Education and Designations

Personal Life

Fun Facts

Nicole graduated from Whitehouse High School in East Texas, and is currently attending The University of Texas at Tyler with a focus in Accounting.

Nicole resides in Bullard, TX with her husband and children. She hopes to finish her degree in the coming years and obtain a Master’s in Accounting. In her spare time she enjoys family outings and reading.

She loves to read and generally reads over 200 books a year. She also enjoys traveling to the beach. When she was younger, she had the joy of performing at five Dallas Cowboy Football game halftimes, including two Thanksgiving shows.